Crazy Random Happenstance

Billy: So good... Hey, this is weird. I ordered one frozen yogurt and they gave me two. You don't happen to like frozen yogurt, do you?
Penny: I love it!
Billy: You're kidding? What a crazy random happenstance!
-Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog

Friday, July 19, 2013

If I Had A Million Dollars...

This kickass photo was taken by Billiam Barker
It's been one week. Hahahaha! I wasn't even planning on using that as a pun but it works out so well. I just cracked myself up. Ahem, anyway... Let's try that again...

It's been one week (still funny and now I have the song in my head) since I saw Barenaked Ladies/Ben Folds Five (I'll get to BF5 in a minute) at Pine Knob with Carrie, Dawn and Bill (Jeffrey was supposed to go too but he came down with his 447th kidney stone. We named him Tedward. It's a long story) and while I had a fantastic time at the show, I have come to the realization that I have been in a BNL depression ever since. I went home afterward and started listening to all their CD's. I watched my DVD of all their videos with the commentary on, listening to them laugh and joke together and I watched a DVD of their Talk To The Hand concert that they recorded in Michigan in 2007. I have listened to a different album of theirs over and over again, every day for the past week. Why? Because I miss it. Terribly.

See, as you all already know (or should know by now because I talk about it all the time), Steven
This was in 2005. I'm trying to contain my excitement and not freak him out.
Page was my favorite BNL member. I loved his voice, I loved his glasses, I loved his face, I loved his super kicks and even though I always had the sense that he was probably a big jerk, I really loved his sense of humor. He was my number one. I. Loved. Him. Then in 2009 he had to go and muck everything up and leave the band (prior to this he had been arrested for cocaine possession. Lord). My heart was broken. I was seriously devastated. He released his solo record, Page One, in 2010. I enjoyed it but listened to it with a heavy heart and pretty much stopped listening to my BNL records all together. It made me too sad. Carrie and I saw Steven in concert two days before my 30th Birthday. It was horrible and I was embarrassed for him (see my post entitled TrainWreck for the full details). He hasn't really done a whole lot since that tour. I think he has played some festivals and things of that nature but nothing on a grand scale. I follow him on Twitter and Instagram and roll my eyes at his condescending comments to people and wonder if he will ever not seem like a hole anymore.

Photo Credit: Bill Barker
Prior to last Friday, Carrie and I had seen BNL as a foursome twice since the big breakup. Those two shows were really great. They were a lot of fun and while you knew Steve wasn't there, it wasn't as noticeable as it was this last time. Don't get me wrong, it was still a good show. They sounded great and they were silly and funny like they always are but it was the first time in the history of the 20 something times we have seen them live that we were disappointed with their set list. They played a ton of stuff off their new album. Which I get. I do. You just released a new CD, you want people to hear your new stuff but listen... You are playing with 4 other bands. You have a limited amount of time to play. Don't play all new stuff and only hits (One Week, Million Dollars, Pinch Me) from your previous records. I'm not saying don't play ANY hits because it wouldn't be a BNL concert without Million dollars. I'm saying, maybe throw in some old songs as well. Let's mix it up (like they used to!) and play a different set list every night. And please, please, please, stop singing Steven Page songs. Carrie and I can't handle it. It makes it so much more glaringly obvious that he is not there. Ed has plenty (PLENTY) of  fantastic and wonderful songs that he can sing  to carry a two hour concert, let alone an hour long one. I don't want to hear Tyler scream-sing Alcohol anymore because I love the way Steve sang it and that's just that. After their break up, I think I had a strong case of denial going on. "It's still the same! They are still the same jokey, fun band that they always were! You can't even tell Steve is gone!" I was wrong. I lied to myself to make myself feel better and now I will flat out admit it:

I miss Steven Page. I want him back in the band. I want him up there, bantering with Ed and Kevin and Tyler and Jim. I want him doing his super kick during Brian Wilson and Old Apartment. I want him singing his damn ass off during Break Your Heart. I want HIM to sing along with One Week and I want him to not be a hole anymore.

Whine. Whine. Whine. Wah. Wah. Wah. Don't get me wrong. Ed does a fantastic job carrying the band. He really does, but I can't help it. I miss the camaraderie between him and Steven.

So, if I had a million dollars what would I do with it (not realistically speaking, of course. This is purely fantastical)? I would offer it to Steven Page to rejoin the band. He wouldn't take it but I would offer it. And listen people, I know I sound like a BNL snob and the fact of the matter is I am. I earned the right to be a BNL snob after following them to so many of their shows and loving them so devotedly all these years. I will still love them and I will still go to their shows but I feel better now that I have admitted my sadness over the loss of Steven Page. Sure, it's 4 years late but better to admit it a little late than never, right??

All done with my griping. The best thing about the concert was that Ben Folds Five was there too.
Photo Credit: Bill Barker
Ben Folds, Darren Jessee and Robert Sledge performing at the same venue as BNL. My top two favorite bands. It was like they made this concert for me. Never, in a million years would I have thought that I would get to see these two bands perform during the same show, on the same night. It was really awesome. Ben was charming and goofy and Darren and Robert sounded excellent as always. I love seeing those guys perform live so so much. Every song was spot on and I enjoyed every second of it. My only complaint is that Ben didn't come out to perform with BNL but that is just a tiny complaint. Also... if Ben Folds Five can get back together after 13 years apart, it's possible that Barenaked Ladies will get back together with Steven Page eventually, right?? RIGHT??

Billiam took this one too. I love it.
I know my review of the concert sounds mostly crappy. Truth is, it wasn't crappy at all. I loved it. Boothby Graaffoe opened the show for everyone and Ed, Kevin and Jim performed with him on a few of his songs. Guster came out after him and they sounded fantastic. It was an excellent show, it just made me realize how much I miss Steven. That's not a bad thing, it's just the reality of the situation. I still love BNL. I'm still a huge fan. I just miss the days of yore. Let me wallow for a little bit (it only took 4 years to get me to do it) and I'll be good as new the next time they come around.

How about some miscellaneous stuff?

It's real hot out. Yeah, yeah, Michigan summer blah blah. It's F'ing hot and I hate when it's this hot. My tiny house boils when it's this hot and my tiny window air conditioner sweats bullets trying to keep the tiny house semi-cool. Thank goodness for my parents pool.

I'm devastated by Cory Monteith's death. It doesn't matter the circumstances of which he passed away. He was such a talented, handsome dude. It's so sad. He had his whole life ahead of him and my heart breaks for his friends and family. I can't even imagine watching Glee again without him. Absolutely heartbreaking. 

I'm obsessed with Pitch Perfect. I can't help but watch it every time it's on. I love that movie.

Good news! I'm totally getting into True Blood again. I hated the idea of Warlow last season but now that (SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!) Rob Kazinsky is playing him, I am all for it. They are starting to flesh out his background and I am totally digging it. Eric is especially handsome this season as well. I love Sarah Newlin and Jason is just Jason. He's the best. I hope it continues on this upswing because that makes me happy.

Has anyone been watching Under The Dome on CBS? It's a miniseries based on the book by Stephen King. I didn't read the book (and have no plans to) but the story is semi-interesting. There are so many actors in this show that you know from one thing or another. The main boy, Mike Vogel (from Pan Am) is the main reason I am still watching it. The last few episodes have been pretty ridiculous but I am thinking of sticking it out just so I can watch him on my TV for a few more weeks.

Every time I see a preview for that Hostages show on CBS; about a Doctor (Toni Collette) who is supposed to perform surgery on the President of the United States but is being ordered by Dylan McDermott's character to kill him, so he takes her family hostage, it perplexes me. How do you make a series out of that?

I realized today that scones are gross. What is the point of them? They have no taste and they just crumble to pieces when you try to eat them. Blech.

Comic Con is this weekend!! I cannot wait to see what the Veronica Mars panel has in store (among other things). One year, I will get to go. Oh yes, one year it will happen. I am missing  my G4 coverage like crazy. We love watching it every year with Charley and this year we won't have that. So sad. I will be scouring the interwebs every chance I get to see all the fun stuff there is to see. I love it! Get your geek on, friends!