Crazy Random Happenstance

Billy: So good... Hey, this is weird. I ordered one frozen yogurt and they gave me two. You don't happen to like frozen yogurt, do you?
Penny: I love it!
Billy: You're kidding? What a crazy random happenstance!
-Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog

Friday, June 20, 2014

I still blog?

I promised Emily I would blog since I haven't in awhile. Actually, we made a deal; She would start writing again and I would start blogging again. I think it's a lovely deal, so here I am.

I'll start with all the finales that happened recently (and not so recently). Beware of some spoilers. I'll give warnings, no worries. 

How about that Game Of Thrones finale, eh?? It felt like the quickest season of any show I have ever watched and that is probably because I enjoyed it so much. The actors (Peter Dinklage in particular) are so freaking wonderful that you are mesmerized the entire hour the show is on your screen. It feels like every episode is 15 minutes long. Anyway, it was a great season and I loved the finale. I'm not so keen on the battle episodes... that has nothing to do with the show, though. I just get bored really quickly or I have to close my eyes because it gets too icky.

Reign was really good. I love that show. Mostly I just love looking at all the clothes they wear and it's lovey dovey and really cute sometimes and what can I say? I'm a sap.

 I was really happy with the Once Upon A Time season finale (it was probably my favorite episode of all the seasons) but I'm just a tad irked (SPOILER ALERT) by the Frozen reveal. That movie hasn't even been out a year and they are already introducing Elsa?? It makes me feel like the show is just a free for all with no real objective. It's all good, though. As long as I have Colin O'Donoghue on my TV as Captain Hook, I am absolutely fine. Also, if they can get Idina Menzel and Kristen Bell on to reprise their characters?? SOLD.

Oh my goodness, Vampire Diaries! My beloved Vampire Diaries let me down big time this season. Ugh, I was so bored and confused by the storylines. It was chaotic and jumped all over the place and I didn't care for the new people they brought on...with the exception of Enzo, I suppose. I'm cool with Enzo. But yeah... chaos, whining, blah blah... until the finale. SPOILER ALERT... I freaking loved the finale. Especially the last 10 minutes or so. ALARIC (Matt Davis) IS BACK! My phone autocorrects Alaric to ALARIC now because I was so excited when I was texting Natalie about it I was using all caps (CAPSLOCK!!). SO. EXCITED. Alaric is one of my most favorite characters and I was heartbroken when he left the show. My favorite episodes since then have been the ones where he showed up as a ghost of some sort. I know I am in the minority with being so happy about the episode, particularly because Damon is dead-dead with Bonnie (but who cares about Bonnie, right?) as far as we know which means less Ian Somerhalder on the show, I suppose? I am assuming that anyway. He won't be off of it. I'm sure he will still be on in some way and they will find a way to bring him back but I am just going to go ahead and make a confession here... I hate Damon and Elena together. There. I said it. In the beginning I was all about them getting together but I have come to realize that they annoy me together. Don't hate me Delena lovers! I'm really, really looking forward to next season. Really. All along I have been saying they need to go back to basics. Go rewatch that first season and remind themselves how simple and great it was. Hopefully they will do that for next season.

I was meh about the New Girl finale. Honestly, I was meh about all of last season. I still enjoyed watching it but it didn't make me laugh as much as last year.

Grey's Anatomy was whatever. I can't decide if I am going to continue watching next season or not. Pretty much every episode I watch irritates me but I have come this far... I feel like I have an obligation to stick with it until the end. I don't know. We'll see how I feel come September. With as big of a deal as they made about Cristina (Sandra Oh) leaving you would think they wouldn't have overshadowed her last episode with some stupid explosion catastrophe at a mall. It was completely unnecessary. Most things on that show seem unnecessary the last few years, though.

The Castle finale... so disappointing. It was a stupid episode about (SPOILER ALERT) them running around trying to get Beckett's "husband" (that no one knew existed until this episode)  to sign divorce papers so she could marry Castle. The last 3 minutes consisted of everyone getting ready for the wedding and ended with a shot of Rick's car flipped over in a ditch, on fire. He was on his way to the wedding, of course. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.

The Modern Family finale was cute. My favorite parts were the Andy/Haley scenes. Those two belong together. They are adorable.They are each other's lobsters.

True Blood starts back up this Sunday. The final season. I'm not too sad about it. It should be ending. It has gotten way too crazy these last couple years for me to take the storyline seriously. Not that I could ever take it that seriously (it's about vampires for crying out loud) but I was always invested in the story because it was entertaining. I couldn't even tell you what last season was about. I remember being thoroughly disappointed after the finale last year, though therefore, I have zero expectations for this last season. Obviously they aren't going by the books, which is fine, I wasn't happy with the direction those went either (apparently I am just too hard to please) but it would be nice if they chilled out a bit and stopped trying to be gory for shock value and water cooler talk. One other thing: If Eric Northman is not in this final season then all is done. True Blood will be dead to me. True death dead.

Speaking of HBO shows... The Leftovers premieres June 29th at 10pm. This new drama is brought to you by Damon Lindelof (yay!!) and Tom Perrotta (and executive produced by Peter berg!) and it is based on the book (by Perrotta) of the same name. You can watch the trailer below to see what it's about but be sure to keep an eye out for all the awesome people starring in it (Christopher Eccleston!!). I'm pretty excited about this pilot.

I am almost done with season one of Orange Is The New Black. I think I have 3 episodes left to watch and then I will get into the 2nd season. I know I'm late to the game. That's what happens when one wants to read ALL the books and watch ALL the shows at the same time. It just doesn't work.

Jeff and I have been watching The White Queen the last few days. It was a show/mini series on Starz last year and chronicles the love, life and betrayals of all the people vying for the throne of King of England in the 1400's. It stars Max Irons (whom I refer to as Not Quite Robert Pattinson) as King Edward and Rebecca Ferguson as Queen Elizabeth. We are really enjoying it even though there seems to be an abundance of naughty bits (which I guess could be a good thing depending on if you enjoy naughty bits but it seems unnecessarily excessive sometimes). I am constantly asking Jeff what is going to happen next and he always refuses to tell me. You know I normally hate spoilers but I like the people who I like and it's based on true events and I want to be prepared when bad things are about to happen to the people I like, you know? If you like period shows (as you can tell I do; Game Of Thrones, Reign etc.), you should check it out.

Charley and I have been watching The Goldberg's whenever they show a rerun on TV. What a great show that is, not only for nostalgia purposes but the acting is excellent and I love listening to C giggle whenever they do something silly.

If you have not yet seen The Fault In Our Stars movie, might I suggest you do so? It is so true to the book. I really couldn't find anything to complain about other than the quick progression of everything, but that's just how it is with book to screen adaptations. Shailene Woodley is a wonderful Hazel Grace and Ansel Elgort is THE perfect Augustus Waters. He's perfect. I laughed, I cried, I cried some more and I thought and thought about it afterward. It's fantastic. They did a phenomenal job with John Green's material. He should be so proud.

Speaking of books...

I just read Emily Giffin's new one, The One & Only. This book. Holy moly. It is something. Emily Giffin is a phenomenal writer and a wonderful story teller. She makes me think about things I would never think about and she makes me want to be a better writer. And she's fun and she genuinely appreciates her fans. I love love that. If you like stories that aren't the usual boy meets girl, boy falls in love, boy and girl get married then check this one out. Or any of her books for that matter, she's awesome.

I also just re-re-read (I've read it a lot) Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell. Good lord, I love this book. SO MUCH. It makes me so happy. She has a new one called Landline coming out on July 9th and I'm super excited for it. I feel like Rainbow and I could be bff's. We could hang out, drink coffee/tea and talk all things nerdy. It would be great.

Ed Sheeran's new album X comes out on June 23rd! I love him and I cannot wait to listen to it. He's also coming in concert to The Palace in September.

I shall end this long and rambling post by asking you all to send congratulations and good luck wishes to my Jeffrey as his last day at FYE is tomorrow (LAST day!! Tomorrow!!) and he starts his new job June 30th. NEW JOB!!! We are so insanely excited!!! Also, you can send congratulations to my mom on being a 5 year breast cancer survivor!!! The best news ever!!

I love happy things!!!

Watching any new shows? Reading any new books? Want to yell at me for not writing in so long?? Or yell at me for writing again??  Or yell at me for my Delena comment up there? (because let's be honest, some of you are really mad about that, I know it.) Let me know! I like your thoughts just as much as I like mine... Sometimes.