Crazy Random Happenstance

Billy: So good... Hey, this is weird. I ordered one frozen yogurt and they gave me two. You don't happen to like frozen yogurt, do you?
Penny: I love it!
Billy: You're kidding? What a crazy random happenstance!
-Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Quick Thoughts

Some quick thoughts about the Emmy's (mostly thought last night and texted to Carrie):

-Seth Meyers did a great job. His opening bit had me laughing throughout it. He wasn't obnoxious and he played off the audience very well.
- I love, love, love how all the old SNL cast members still laugh at each other and very clearly love one another.
-Jimmy Fallon just seems like a genuinely great guy.
-People are really angry about that whole Sofia Vergara bit. I know they were trying to be funny and clever while talking about boring stuff but they managed to distract everyone from paying attention to all the boring stuff by getting them riled up about putting a talented (beautiful) woman on a turntable and making everyone stare at her. I thought it was a little weird and went on for way too long.
-Sofia Vergara is real irritated that everyone is so mad about it. She says she was making fun of herself.
-Weird Al was wonderful. I loved his new theme song mashup so much.
-I am really super bummed Matt Bomer didn't take the award home for Best Supporting Actor. Every single one of the actors in The Normal Heart deserved to be recognized for their phenomenal portrayals in that film.
-Good thing it did win for Outstanding Television Movie. When they all went up on stage, I couldn't get over all the talent standing up there. Again, it's such an extraordinary cast.
-I love Ricky Gervais.
-Game of Thrones was shut out of every category. Balls.
-I could listen to Lena Heady talk all the livelong day.
-As soon as Modern Family won for best comedy I knew people were going to be pissed. It's a great show but I don't know if it deserved the Emmy for this past season. Don't get me wrong, it was good, it just wasn't as great as it normally is and I know people are sick of it.
-I am convinced Jessica Lange is always drunk.
-Why so many Pepsi commercials? Newsflash: No one likes Pepsi.
-I was sad for all the Sherlock fans out there for not being able to see Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman make acceptance speeches. I have never watched the show but I know how loyal and obsessive the fan base is so it would have been neat to see.
-Do any of you watch The Amazing Race? How does that show keep winning year after year? I don't know anyone who watches it.
-Are we ready for people to stop saying "Alright, alright, alright" to Matthew McConaughey yet?
-Speaking of McConaughey... He's quite tan, no?
-Handing the typewriter to George R.R. Martin made me LOL
-The Billy on The Street bit was very funny.
-While I thought Sara Bareillis was absolutely stunning (STUNNING), I was a little disappointed in the Robin Williams tribute. I thought Billy Crystal was good but I wanted more. I don't know. Everyone says it was beautiful and I guess it was... I just wanted more.
-Good for Breaking Bad taking home ALL the awards. I should probably start watching that soon, eh??

And finally...

-Matt Bomer is the most handsome, isn't he? SIGH. So dreamy.

Quick book update:

Landline by Rainbow Rowel. Read it. Love it. As in keeping with all her others, this book made me laugh out loud and swoon and connect and just love. I am obsessed with her writing. Obsessed.

One Plus One by Jojo Moyes. I absolutely adored this book. I did that thing that I do where I go back and reread bits of it as soon as I finished it. I love when that happens.

Man, I love good books. They make me so happy.

Quick TV update:

We have been watching The Quest on ABC (Thursdays, 8pm) with Charley these last few weeks. It's a reality competition set in a fantasy world. It is hardcore geeky. HARDCORE. GEEKY. But it's really, super fun and I know Jeff would jump at the chance to join those contestants every week in solving whatever nerdy, magical thing they have to solve in order to save the day.

The True Blood finale aired.


I don't have a lot of thoughts on it. That's not true. I have lots of thoughts on it but they don't really matter. The show ended on a very mellow note. A far cry from the way it burst onto our television screens all those years ago.

Bill made Sookie kill him. I guess because he was already dying and he felt like he needed to be with his family (his original family), even though he kept saying how much Sookie and Jessica meant to him. He wanted her to be able to live a normal life without him. The way they had Sookie do it completely grossed Jeff and I out. I felt like it took away from the moment. I know their vampires don't die all nice and neat like a Buffy vampire does but ugh. Just gross. Anyway, I expected him to die so that was whatever. Two things I was really impressed with: 1) The way they handled the Jessica/Hoyt reunion. It was completely unexpected and the way they got those two to find each other again was very sweet. 2) Jason Stackhouse's progression over all the seasons. I felt like his character, more than any other made the most development and he will go down as one of my most favorite television characters of all time. I love Jason Stackhouse. Eric and Pam provided some comic relief as usual, but there wasn't nearly enough of them. I read that they didn't think they would have Alexander Skarsgard for even the little bit that they did because of scheduling conflicts, so we should be happy with what we got I suppose. They sure made Sam Merlotte fade away, didn't they? Tara got dead-dead. That's all I'll say about that though because I hated that storyline so much it's almost not even worth mentioning. Lafayette is happy with Jessica's ex-boyfriend, James. Arlene is happy with her vampire boyfriend. Andy and Holly love each other and Jason is happy with Hoyt's ex, Bridget.

Oh! Did you all catch Charlaine Harris's cameo at the end?

And who did Sookie end up with? That's question of the day. No one knows. Some boy.

The end.

Bottomline: I had no expectations going into this episode. Finales are never what you want them to be (with the exception of Lost. I loved the Lost finale. Yeah, yeah. I know I'm pretty much the only one in that party), but this show has been on such a downhill slope for so long that I knew the last episode was going to be meh. I'm still grateful for the characters and what little storylines they had that made sense and for Alexander Skarsgard bringing Eric Northman to life (perfectly) and for taking Steve and Sarah Newlin; two mundane, one dimensional book characters and making them some of the funniest parts about the show. I'm grateful for being able to see Merlotte's come to life, just like how I saw it in my head (same goes for Fangtasia) and for taking a gamble on this little vampire book series to begin with. It may have gone off track. It may have gone askew but I refuse to regret watching something that brought me the Sherriff of Area 5. So with all that being said, Thanks Charlaine Harris and Alan ball.