Crazy Random Happenstance

Billy: So good... Hey, this is weird. I ordered one frozen yogurt and they gave me two. You don't happen to like frozen yogurt, do you?
Penny: I love it!
Billy: You're kidding? What a crazy random happenstance!
-Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Premiere Week

Fall premiere week has come and gone and while I was disappointed with a few favorites, I was more than happy with Grey's Anatomy and Modern Family and even pleasantly surprised by some new shows.

Here is my take on a few of the season premieres (there may be some mild spoilers scattered throughout):

Castle: A show that started out as Jeff making fun of me for watching (I adore Nathan Fillion), quickly turned into a show that has become his favorite. The comaraderie between the main cast (Nathan Fillion, Stana Katic, Jon Huertas and Seamus Dever) is so fun and the storylines are always interesting. I was pretty sleepy while watching this but I managed to pay attention. The episode was funny and  sweet and very cleverly done. It didn't really focus on last season's cliffhanger (which was small) but it was still fun.

How I Met Your Mother: It was a decent opener and had both Jeff and I laughing. I have to admit though that I am a little sick of the teases of "almost" meeting the mother. Yes, I know that is the basis of the show but for goodness sakes! The producers are saying that this is going to be their best season ever. I am looking forward to seeing if that's true.

Glee: Oh, my wonderfully fun Glee is back! Hooray! First an observation: Lea Michele and Cory Monteith are tan and way skinny.  I liked this episode, but I didn't love it. I honestly thought it was a little depressing and I was expecting more of an upbeat episode. Maybe my expectations were set too high? I loooved Sue and Schue working together to take out the new football coach (Coach Beiste) and while i'm not crazy about the new characters they are introducing, I really loved the boys performance in the choir room. I thought it was fantastic! Next week is the Britney Spears episode. I am very much looking forward to seeing it, but not seeing Britney Spears herself.

Running Wilde: This is one of the new comedies on FOX, starring Keri Russell and Will Arnett. I'll start off by saying I love, love, love Keri Russell, so right off the bat I am telling myself that I will like this show. I thought it was a real good start to a new comedy series, though I really don't know how long they will be able to sustain the storyline of her trying to "fix" Will Arnett's character by making him a better man. The little girl who plays her daughter, Puddle (Stefanie Owen), was brilliantly cast. She looks just like Keri Russell and she's a good little actress! Will Arnett was great and the fella who plays his neghbor, Fa'ad (Peter Serafinowicz), had me cracking up. Also, tiny horses make me laugh real hard. I'll keep watching this show, not only to support my favorite Felicity alum, but because I am curious to see how they can sustain the funny.

Detroit 1-8-7:  I decided to watch this because I was curious. Curious to see how they represented the "D" and I wanted to see what kinds of Detroit references they would make. It was better than I expected it to be and it was cool seeing all the Detroit stuff (street signs and things of that nature). I wasn't crazy about Michael Imperiolli playing the typical "grumpy veteran cop, who doesn't like his new over-eagar rookie partner". I guess that's supposed to be one of the interesting aspects of the show? It just seemed kind of cliche to me. It ended very unexpectedly though and I love when a tv show can surprise me like that, so, with that being said, I will be giving it another shot.

Modern Family:  Words cannot describe how much I love this show. It's funny. SO, so funny and that is how a comedy is supposed to be. Consistently funny every week and I respect that so much. There isn't much else to say, except, if you aren't watching this show, then you don't enjoy laughing. It's fantastic and I am so happy it's back! Also, "WHAT'S THE PLAN, PHIL??"

Bones: This show has a tendency to really miss the mark when it comes to important episodes. I hated their season finale last Spring, so I went into the premiere with low expectations. While I was happy to see my favorite characters again (Booth, Sweets), I feel disconnected from this show. Something is off and I can't quite place what it is. I'm glad it's back though so it can find its footing again... At least I hope it can.

The Office: Yes, we finally caught up on all those episodes from last season. I ended up really enjoying them and was happy with the premiere, particularly the opening:

I am still worried about the whole Steve Carell thing, but i'm also interested to see what they do with it.

Grey's Anatomy: Last year at this time, Grey's Anatomy and I were fighting. I was furious with what Shonda Rhimes had done to one of my favorite shows and was VERY ready to give up on it, but, I am happy to say that she has redeemed herself (slightly). The season finale from last Spring will probably be ranked in my top 5 most favorite finales ever. It was that good. The premiere this season was a great capper to that finale. I am very happy with the direction the show seems to be taking this season and can't wait to watch more of it. Welcome back, Grey's. Welcome back.

Undercovers: Anyone want to guess if I liked it? Surpise, surprise, I didn't. Whether I am overly critical of all spy shows or not, I found it boring. I didn't care about the mission Steven and Samantha Bloom (Gugu Mbatha-Raw and Boris Kodjoe)  had to go on and I honestly thought they were too gooey-gooey in love. Blech. I may be way too harsh off the bat because this is a J.J. Abrams show and I don't understand why he would need to delve back into the spy genre for a tv series. Maybe i'm a little bitter? Maybe. After watching it though, it just depressed me and made me miss Sydney and Vaughn a whole, whole lot. I may watch it again just to see if I like the next episode more, but I think I am way too critical when it comes to this to be fair.

I left Chuck off my little list here because I am still working my way toward last season's finale. I believe we have 3 episodes to go and I am thoroughly enjoying them. I love hearing good things about this show because it's so fun and deserves having good things said about it. I look forward to finally catching up with Chuck Bartowski!

What did everyone else think about all the premiere's? Particularly Undercovers? Am I being too much of a snob?


  1. I did not know that you watched Castle....NCIS is soooooo much better ♥ Please just check it out...absolutely love GLEE ...... Detroit 187 we have not watched yet anxious to see ... will voice opinions.... I loved seeing everyone back together again on BONES...but silly....Modern Family just makes me laugh (ha me!) and I love watching and listening to Dad laugh at this show! love you and your blogging ♥

  2. Love me some Castle!!! I haven't watched it yet, but looking forward to it. I of course, eargerly awaited all my quirky shows. Supernatural and Merlin...which I have to watch illegally as it's premier was for the UK only. Thanks be to God for youtube!!! ;-)