Crazy Random Happenstance

Billy: So good... Hey, this is weird. I ordered one frozen yogurt and they gave me two. You don't happen to like frozen yogurt, do you?
Penny: I love it!
Billy: You're kidding? What a crazy random happenstance!
-Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog

Thursday, April 5, 2012

A Project Of Sorts.

Happy Opening Day, Detroit Tigers fans!!!

While most of you are out celebrating Spring and the beginning of the baseball season, as well as the awesomeness that is Justin Verlander, I am stuck here, at my desk, trying to keep myself entertained by perusing the internets and listening to the game via my handheld am/fm radio.

Now, on a normal day, Dawn and I will spend the hours messaging each other back and forth via google chat, trying to make one another laugh, sharing internet links with each other, or just listening to one another vent. It helps make the day go by fast and I look forward to it daily. On the days when she is off (I.E. TODAY), I am quite bored. So, anticipating my boredom, Dawn gave me a list of things to do while she is off having fun and I am sitting here, staring at my computer screen. The following is the list she made me and documentation of how I completed each task.

1. Take a blank piece of paper and ensure all of your pens, highlighters and markers work at your desk.

Done. I even threw away 3 pens that no longer work!

2. Read about something you never thought you would want to read about. 
This is what I chose to read about -------> Toilet Story

3. Fall asleep from reading that boring subject.
I didn't fall asleep but I did laugh. I mean, it's a story in the newspaper about fancy toilets. FANCY TOILETS! 

4. Start your fanfiction hobby that you secretly can't wait to start.
She's joking and being sarcastic of course, because she knows how much I detest fanfiction (come up with your OWN story, people! Don't piggyback off of someone else's good idea). Anyway, I didn't write my own but I did do a search for some Hunger Games fanfiction and found this ---------> Cheesy Fanfiction . I read some of the stories and then I wished that I hadn't because, no, just stop it.

5. Write a new blog post.
DONE. You're readin' it. Boom!

6.  Go to or and check out their very first post and go forward. 
This is a wonderfully, fantastic time waster and while I have not yet finished going through all of these posts, I did find this one --------> 10 Reasons to Date a Unicorn.

7. Facebook stalk people you wouldn't normally stalk.
Listen, I Facebook stalk people all the live long day. This task was done before 9am... Oh, don't judge me! You know you all do it too. 

8. Clean your desk.
I cleaned it with that blue, fuzzy thing right there. My space is now dust FREE.

9. Start your own fantasy baseball league.
I did not start my own league as I don't feel I am qualified enough to do so, I am, however, listening to the game on my above mentioned handheld am/fm radio and eating some Cracker Jacks, so it's almost as if I am really at the game!

10. Clean out your emails.
I had 121 spam emails. Almost all of them were trying to get me to buy Viagra or Cialis. They have all been deleted forever. Hooray, no spam here!

11. Document yourself doing this list. 
I have no pictures of myself actually doing each task because I am just one person and I was too lazy to have someone take pictures of me. But here is your documentation, nonetheless!

Project: Completed.

Now, some miscellaneous tidbits/musings:

- If you have SOAPnet and you are a Kristen Bell fan, you should tune in to the network on April 15th, from 8am to 7pm. They will be showing an all day marathon of Veronica Mars to kickstart their weekday showings of it at 5pm and 6pm. The show originally aired from 2004-2007 and was about a teenager named (duh) Veronica Mars (Kristen Bell) who was a detective in her spare time. She solved crimes big and small with her witty personality and never give up attitude. Enrico Colantoni played her father (whom I adored) and over the course of its run, they had a wide array of guest stars from  Ken Marino to Richard Grieco to Charisma Carpenter. The stories were always clever and kept you guessing and it was a genuinely good show with a short life span. I am ecstatic that they will be showing reruns of it. Fans have been chomping at the bit for a movie to be made and this will have to hold us over until that time comes. For real, people, check it out. It's a great show!

- Season 5 of True Blood starts on June 10th at 9pm.  I can't remember what happened in the finale last year and I have no clue what this season will be about. All I know is Scott Foley is guest starring, as well as Christopher Meloni and I am all for that.

- You all know I watch Dancing With The Stars. This season, I am absolutely in love with Katherine Jenkins. She's so pretty and humble and talented. I look forward to watching her dance every week and needless to say, I am pulling for her and Mark this season.

That's all for now. I am well aware that it is only 2pm and I have a few more hours to kill, but I hope you are all having a great day celebrating baseball. GO TIGERS!


  1. As always, entertaining & so cute this time ! Thank you ♥

  2. Here's my fanfiction - by Sam Forsyth. Once upon a time it was twilight. Then vampires were way different than anyone thought, and one fell in love with a girl and there was this whole big thing about it. But THEN after the stuff happened in THAT story, there was another one. this is that story:

    the vampire has a new girlfriend. She's really, like, confused about life and what does anything even mean anyway? The other girl was the same way too so it's obvious that he has a type. One day the vampire wanted to finally show the listless girl the horrors of what happens when sunlight hits him. and so she says "oh, vampire, it's beautiful!" and he says "no it's not it's a curse,and you could never understand!" then he pushes her away and then stalks her. and she's like, even more confused. Then some other things happen with a sexy mummy who comes to life at a museum. but the sexy mummy ended up thinking about his own feelings too much and not about the swamp monster who was going to try to marry the vampires new (ex)girlfriend. So the vampire comes back just as the swamp monster was about to say "i do". and the new girlfriend is like "vampire! I'm so confused about emotions!" and he says "it's okay new girlfriend, i'm used to that!" the end.

  3. LOLZ Sam, I think you found your calling!!!!!