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Billy: So good... Hey, this is weird. I ordered one frozen yogurt and they gave me two. You don't happen to like frozen yogurt, do you?
Penny: I love it!
Billy: You're kidding? What a crazy random happenstance!
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Monday, April 4, 2011

A Top 5 List

Have you ever found yourself grumbling in disgust over a certain character while watching your favorite television show (or any TV show, for that matter)? Grumbling so much so that whenever he/she comes on screen, you immediately do an eye-roll, sigh and shout "I haaaaate insert random name here!"? This has happened to me a few times but no more so than this past weekend while watching a certain series that I love.

My hatred for this character inspired me to compile a list of my Top 5 Most Disliked Characters of All Time. I will give them to you in order from least hated to most hated. I would also like to throw out the typical *spoiler warning* for the following shows: Alias, Lost, Angel, True Blood, Fringe and Vampire Diaries.

5.) Kate Austin (played by Evangeline Lilly) Lost
From the beginning of season one, I knew that Kate was going to drive me insane. She went from whiny and scared to trying to be heroic and helpful. Only problem was, every single time (EVERY TIME) she attempted to be "helpful", she mucked things up. Whether their characters were being chased by Others or they were going on a venture into the jungle, Kate always found a way to get them caught and/or put in an even more dangerous situation. By season 5, I was begging for the writers to give her the "time travel sickness". It never happened. She was always making Jack sad and leading Sawyer on. She was just flat out annoying. By the time the series finale came around, I had high hopes that she might head off into the enchanted light at the end of that tunnel and never return... But the unthinkable happened. Kate did something cool and lessened my intense dislike for her just a bit. In a scene that will go down as one of my favorites in Lost history, she shot Fake Locke and saved Jack. "I saved you a bullet!"

4.) Olivia Dunham (played by Anna Torv)- Fringe
I was crazy excited about Fringe when it first came out. A J.J. Abrams concept, paired with Joshua Jackson? You couldn't go wrong... unless you added an incredibly bland, monotone, all around plain lead character to head the show. Olivia was just unlikable to me. I couldn't relate to her, I couldn't bring myself to care about her character whatsoever. Even so, I hung on that first season and watched the whole thing. The stories were interesting enough and every other character on the show stood out. She was a background character as far as I was concerned. Nothing about her was compelling to me. Her voice was off, her hair drove me crazy and all she ever did was tell people to "STOP!" and point her gun at them. I watched the second season premiere and found myself actually excited that they may kill her off. A show where they kill off the main character??? How interesting would that be?! Alas, they did no such thing. Apparently there are 2 Olivia's now. No. Thank. You. It pains me to say that I stopped watching. It only pains me because I love Joshua Jackson and it makes me sad that I can't watch him every week because of her.

3.) Lauren Reed (played by Melissa George)- Alias
Any Alias fan you talk to will tell you that one of their favorite things about the show was the Sydney/Vaughn relationship. He was her handler, friend and eventually he became her boyfriend. People were ecstatic when they got together. Ok, *I* was ecstatic. It was 2 seasons in the making and it was fun and refreshing... Until the last seconds of the season 2 finale, when you saw that Michael Vaughn was wearing a wedding ring. Not only was he wearing a wedding ring but Sydney had been missing for two years. In that 2 years, Vaughn got married. To Lauren. WHAT. She ended up working with them (you know, to create tension and whatnot) and drove fans crazy because Syd and Vaughn couldn't be together. I would cringe whenever I had to watch them hug or kiss on screen. They were NOT supposed to be together! However irrational my ranting may seem, Lauren ruined that season for me... until we found out she was evil. It almost made having to endure the first half of the season with her making googly eyes at Vaughn ok. Almost. I don't think i'll ever be able to get over her addition to the cast. It's one of the few times I felt betrayed by the creators.

2.) Tara Thornton (played by Rutina Wesley)- True Blood
There is such a difference between the Tara in Charlaine Harris's books and the Tara on True Blood that I can't even count them as the same character. The Tara in the books is quiet, reserved and responsible. She comes from a crappy family but she bettered herself because of it. The Tara on the show is cringeworthy. She is loud, obnoxious and whiny as all get out. She is always shouting at someone and always going on and on about how awful her life is. She is constantly getting herself into insane situations and then blaming Sookie for how they turn out. Not to mention the fact that she constantly judges the decisions Sookie makes, instead of taking a look at her own trainwreck of a life. When last season ended, they showed her driving off into the distance. I say "good". I say "have a nice life, Tara"!

1.) Connor (played by Vincent Kartheiser)- Angel 
Where do I begin? First off, I would like to thank Nichole and Jeff for enduring my ranting and raving about Season 4 of Angel. "It will get better" Nichole kept telling me. "Hang in there" she said. All the while I was inundating her with texts that mainly said "I HAAAAAAAAATE CONNOR". Never ever have I disliked a character so much. If ever there was something to mess up, Connor would mess it up. He was supposed to be  a whiny, dark, teenager and let me tell you, this kid perfected the art of whining. There are no redeeming qualities about his character. I can't even tell you that he made any of the storylines better because he didn't. He made them worse. Every time he would come on screen, I would literally get angry. Why oh why did they create this character? Now, I am a late-comer to Angel, so I don't know what the fan reaction was to Connor when he first aired. All I know is that I found him to be a miserable addition and he did nothing to make the show better creatively. I finished season 4 a few nights ago and actually shrieked for joy when it ended because I was so happy that I wouldn't have to deal with his stupid face and his stupid hair and his stupid whining anymore. I have yet to start season 5, so who knows? Maybe I am in for more Connor goodness, but for crying out loud, I hope not.

Some honorable mentions: Bonnie on Vampire Diaries (I used to hate her a whole lot but she has actually redeemed herself a bit this season. She's much more likable being paired with Jeremy than she is alone), Mohinder Suresh from Heroes (he was supposed to be this super smart guy but in reality, he was just stupid), Faith from Buffy The Vampire Slayer (she irritated me because she was always in competition with Buffy and I hated her stupid saying. "I'm 5x5, B" but she ended up being semi-ok) and Hannah on Bones (I hated her simply for the fact that Booth shouldn't have been with her. Also, she was a terrible actress).


  1. I'm a little surprised Callie from Grey's didn't make it into your list, the honorable mention part...but maybe I am confusing your hatred for the Callie being pregnant storyline rather than Callie altogether.

    Nevertheless, nice list!

  2. i agree with every single one of these. i need to add: Ross from Friends, Dawson from Dawson's Creek, Luka from ER, Callie on Grey's Anatomy, Matt from Nip/Tuck, Serena on Gossip Girl, Angel on Buffy and Angel, Lana on Smallville, and the main lady on cold case.

  3. Dawn, I actually had Callie on the honorable mentions and deleted her. I felt like I was being unfair because I didn't start hating her UNTIL the pregnancy storyline. Depending on how the rest of the season goes, I may add her back on.

    Nichole, I thought about putting Ross on there, as well as Ted from HIMYM. Dawson I could live with. Besides, without him, we never would have experienced the wonderment that is cryface! Matt from Nip/Tuck is a GREAT one. Fugly himself, blech! It makes me so sad that you hate Angel. He's fantastic! You can't hate Angel!!??!

  4. yeah i figured i hated ted less than i hated ross so he can live. wait.. did i just put them all in a death match? oh i wish! dawson's cryface is the only thing worthwhile i agree. yeah i can't believe you didn't have matt since we hated him with a passion! lol i seriously hate angel on buffy.. i hate him slightly less on angel. i love angelus though so.. yeah...

  5. I hate Angel too! I mean, he's very annoying. Sorry Sarah, he is. I haven't seen Angel, but on the eight or nine or ten episodes of season one Buffy, i can say that I hate him.

    Emily :)

  6. I haven't seen a few of those shows, but I'm going to kind of hang onto the back of your no-Kate train, with one foot dragging because she's a looker, but the problem is, she will have sex with everyone. She lets her 'giner steal the show, instead of using the old brains. So, yes!

    I need to check out Fringe! And I like Tara, BUT she always looks like she's had a few too many amphetamines. You want to draw her a warm bath and give her a downer.

    Now that I understand how this Google following works I will be commenting more often -- I love your blog.

  7. Noelle, you are so completely right about Kate. She is a looker and I LOL'd at your "giner" analogy, hahaha! The critics are all loving Fringe right now. Makes me sad that I don't watch it anymore but I can't get over my extreme dislike for Olivia.

    I'mma follow your blog too! yay!

  8. What about Zoey from HIMYM!? She is on my list. Heck, Ted prolly makes it too.

    I hated Lauren too. Can your next list be top 5 worst plot devices?? Cuz then Lauren can make the list again--along with the stupid, lame-o face-swapping cop out. As much as I love Alias, I hate that they went to that face-swapping BS multiple times! I also wasn't crazy about some of the other female characters, like Rachel from the last season and the half-sister chicky.

    I'd add Nikki, Paulo and Ana Lucia to the Lost list.

  9. I forgot about Zooey! OMG Nikki, Paulo and Ana Lucia!!! I cannot believe I forgot about them. They absolutely, positively, 100% make the list. Ohhh yeah, I didn't like Rachel either. I sort of don't count her at all though because she was pointless. Completely pointless.

    Yeah, the face swapping thing was comical and ridiculous. It was at that point in the series where you could tell they didn't know what else to do with the plot. "I got it! Let's have them wear INCREDIBLY REALISTIC looking masks! No one will ever know the difference! Genius!" It was embarrassing, really.