Crazy Random Happenstance

Billy: So good... Hey, this is weird. I ordered one frozen yogurt and they gave me two. You don't happen to like frozen yogurt, do you?
Penny: I love it!
Billy: You're kidding? What a crazy random happenstance!
-Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Everything and Nothing You Ever Needed To Know About Me.

Wanna know a few miscellaneous things about me? Sure you do...

1.) I willingly watch iCarly with Charley. Not only do I do it willingly, but I enjoy it.

2.) Whenever I re-read a book or re-watch a movie that I have already seen and there are sad parts to it, I always think to myself "maybe this time will be different!". For example: every single time I read New Moon, I think to myself "hey! maybe, just maybe, stupid Bella won't get a horrific papercut and maybe, just maybe Edward won't leave!" I do the same thing with LaBamba. Don't get on the plane, Ritchie!

3.) I wear nail polish to prevent myself from picking my lip. If I pick my lip, the nail polish will chip and then all my hard work will have been wasted. (Makes perfect sense in my mind)

4.) I have to listen to a new CD 3 times before I can decide if I like it or not.

5.) I was 19yrs old when I went through my first drive-thru. It was the Taco Bell on Ford Rd. and Kristy was with me. She talked me into it and I was a nervous wreck. I was successful in my mission and even kept the receipt in my glove compartment for a long time.

6.) I am always on the lookout for money on the ground. Not spare change, but actual dollars. That's not to say that I go crawling around parking lots, looking for cash but my eyes are always peeled.

7.) When Jeff, C and I go to the bookstore we have a routine in which we navigate the store. Coffee, magazines, Sci-Fi, Charley's books, music, bargain books. Same routine, every time.

8.) Once a month I have a recurring dream that my utility room floor caves in.

9.) I'm a tissue hoarder. I have at least 3 tissues on my person or in my purse/desk at all times. I haaaate running out of tissue.

10.) I watch Dancing With The Stars not because I enjoy the show (sometimes it's fun) but because I love texting with Carrie during it.

11.) I miss Mervyn's.

12.) I love the smell of basements. LOVE it. If they could bottle that smell and make a candle out of it, this girl would buy it.

13.) I knock on wood for luck. All. The. Time.

14.) It takes me 2 days to recover from staying up past Midnight (as I recently discovered this past weekend). Thank goodness I don't drink. I would be a mess.

15.) I hate cooking and will jump at the chance to not have to do it.

16.) With the exception of 1 or 2 shows right now, I don't like anything on TV this season. (Perhaps this is why I am tearing through the Stephanie Plum series?)

17.) When I am sad or having a crappy day, I look at the picture of Charley with his Han Solo in carbonite. It radiates happiness.

18.) I recently felt like I was in a time warp. I saw all my old friends who (many of them) I hadn't seen in almost 13yrs. It was nice, refreshing and fun all at once and it reminded me why we used to have so much fun all those years ago.

19.) I used to write in a journal every single night throughout high school and for a short while afterward. I have a box FULL of journals in my attic. Tell me, what am I ever going to do with these things? I vote: burn 'em all!

20.) I like compiling lists. Emails, groceries, tasks and blogs. Could you tell?


  1. 1. I vote we make a I LOVE SPENCER shirt!
    3. That sounds crazy I wish i knew of a way to trick my mind into not picking my lip.
    4. I do the same!
    5. MY first drive through was Taco Bell too! But the one off Cherry Hill!
    8. LOL!
    11. I was JUST thinking about Mervyns the other day and how you and mom used to shop there all the time! Thats so funny how you wrote that.
    12. Thats kind of weird.
    13. OMG! I soo remember you doing this constantly at home! You would knock on the window sill wood, moms little bookcase upstairs and your bedroom door! lol I can't believe you still do this!
    15. How can you hate cooking? Isnt your boyfriend Bobby Flay?
    16. Seriously, slow down!

    I like your list! Your fun! We should hang out sometime!

  2. This was good. I approve of it. I laughed several times while reading it, but don't pretend that there isn't some part of you that doesn't enjoy DWTS, even a little bit. I won't believe it.

    Every time I am in a Kohls, at some point I think, "I wish this was a Mervyn's" seriously. All the time.

    I love that with nearly every point on this list, I can perfectly envision how I would see you. Makes me laugh and LYBF you even more.

  3. Haha Taco Bell!! Do you go thru drive thrus now without a problem? I also remember that you and I were scared to death to call and order pizza!

    I so remember you knocking on everything..I would be all "wtf?" lol

  4. Natalie- I am sooo down for an "I love Spencer tshirt!" Hahaha, I know, the knocking on wood thing is weird. I can't help it. It's a habit. I do it at home too. ALL the time. Bobby Flay is my boyfriend but the thing is, I want him to cook FOR me. I don't want to cook WITH him!

    Carrie- I think that when I am at Kohl's too!!!! You're right, I do enjoy DWTS every now and then...

    Kristy- I still hate ordering pizza. Good thing my sister runs a pizza place and I can just text her what I want now :)

  5. Oh, and yes, I can go through a drive-thru with no problem now!

  6. I like the list! The most shocking thing to me is that you continue to reread a book where someone getting a papercut is a major plot point. It's also weird that you and Nat remember your first drive through.

  7. i had to go through my first drive thru (mcdonalds)during my driving class and i got too close to the window.. hopped a curb..all while the instructor yelled at me. the next session we had he made me park the car and he went inside to get his food and then belittled me in front of the rest of the driving class. i had a phobia about drive thru's for the longest time. i'm still not that great with them and get kind of anxious. he's also the reason i don't like backing up because i may have almost hit him with a car.. and then he said 'don't you ever drive backwards again' ..oops...

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