Crazy Random Happenstance

Billy: So good... Hey, this is weird. I ordered one frozen yogurt and they gave me two. You don't happen to like frozen yogurt, do you?
Penny: I love it!
Billy: You're kidding? What a crazy random happenstance!
-Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog

Monday, March 7, 2011

Are You Ready For A Throwdown?

With my lack of new books to read, I have jumped back into re-reading one of my favorite series, Enchanted Inc. by Shanna Swendson.  Nichole turned me onto this series after I was frantically searching for something to read when I finished the Twilight series 3 times in a row. Needless to say, it was the perfect series to move on to and I fell in love with it. I got Natalie to fall in love with them too. We actually bought each other the series for Christmas, haha. Anyway, it's about an ordinary girl from a small town in Texas, named Katie Chandler who is adjusting to life in the Big Apple. Basically she discovers that magic is real and is recruited by a company that deals with distributing spells. It's a sweet story, complete with a handsome black haired, blue eyed Wizard named Owen Palmer who is the object of Katie's crush. There are 4 books in the series and while parts of the story are pretty silly, they are a fun, quick read and I adore them.

I also just read the first book in the Stephanie Plum books, by Janet Evanovich, One For The Money. I know there are a billion books in this series (not really, I think 17?) so they will keep me busy for awhile... or a couple weeks, according to my sister. She says I read way too fast. I think she may be right.

My obsession with Bobby Flay seems to be growing. I watch Throw-down with Bobby Flay on the Food Network every chance I get (I have yet to see an episode where he wins, even though I know he has won some because I have read his book... thanks, Carrie!). I'll continue to watch until I see him win one. Not only does he have Food Network shows, I am delighted that NBC has given him his own show called, America's Next Great Restaurant on Sunday nights at 8pm. It's pretty much a bunch of people competing to come up with the next brilliant "casual-fast food" (think Qdoba or Chipotle) chain restaurant. The winner gets an investment from not only Bobby Flay but 3 other food people and 3 restaurants that will open up in 3 major cities. There is a fella competing from Detroit who is trying to open up a chain of chicken and waffles restaurants and he made it into the top 10. Really though, all you need to know is that Bobby Flay hosts/judges it and he wears a suit... and he's handsome. He also has a special that will be on this weekend (on Food Network, of course) that is about him going to Ireland. Yes, please.

I have been researching Disney World like crazy the past couple of weeks because we are going to take Charley in the fall (shhhhhh, he doesn't know about it yet.). Yes, I have been there before but I have never been there with my own kid and I am ridiculously excited to experience the "happiest place on earth" through the eyes of my very creative, very imaginative almost 4yr old. And of course, why not make a stop at The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter while we're at it??? (!!!!!!) With the help of my awesome friends and family, we have a pretty good game plan to go on. Jeff, C and I will be driving and my mom and sister are going to fly down a day ahead of us. This will be Natalie's first ever vacation that doesn't involve driving up north to the thumb, so I am just as excited for her as I am for Charley. Hooray!

One last thing, if you currently have nothing to watch Wednesday nights at 10pm, I suggest you check out Justified on FX, starring Timothy Olyphant (who I have had a crush on since seeing him star opposite Jennifer Garner in the movie Catch and Release). It's about a federal lawman, set in the city of Lexington, Kentucky and all the crimes/people he deals with. My handsome husband, Jeffrey tried to get me to watch this show all last season but it never really pulled me in (it's kind of disturbing sometimes... says the girl obsessed with True Blood). When I heard during the off season, that they had cast Jeremy Davies and Brad William Henke (that's Daniel Faraday and Bram to my fellow Lost folks), as well as Michael Mosley (from Scrubs: Med School and more recently an episode of Castle) I figured I would give season 2 a shot. I'm glad I did. Not only is Timothy Olyphant excellent and captivating with his cowboy hat and soft spoken demeanor, the two actors formerly known as Faraday and Bram are fantastic. It's so fun to see them playing completely different characters from what they played before. So, if you're bored this Wednesday around 10pm, check it out. Or if you're one of those people who doesn't like to jump into the middle of a series without seeing it from the beginning, I'm pretty sure you can get the first season on DVD or Netflix.


  1. When I read "throwdown", I thought for sure you were going to mention a Mumford and Sons vs Avett Brothers battle royal. How could I have not thought of Bobby Flay, you're newest TV crush?

    Thanks for mentioning Justified. For the record, the Marshall's office is set in Lexington, but all the action takes place in the coal mining community of Harlen County, home of the coal mining wars back in the 70's, the pot growing in the 80's and the meth labs of the 90's and today. Which is basically any of the counties in the hills of eastern Kentucky. Too bad the show is filmed in Pittsburgh.

  2. Duh, my Fred, Mumford and Sons wins that battle and you know it.

    I knew, KNEW you were going to be a stickler and correct me about the location. LOL! That's ok, you're the expert about it, so i'll let you dwell on the details. I just figured everyone needed to know that it was in Kentucky. And you're right, it is a shame that it's filmed in Pittsburgh. Can you imagine if it actually was filmed in Lexington and you saw them on your next trip down south?!

  3. Stop it! You're getting me all excited. LOL

  4. *sigh* i love owen.

  5. LOL @ Jeff

    Nichole, I always thought Matt Bomer would make a good Owen if it ever became a movie/tv show. That probably wouldn't be possible though since he's busy looking hot on White Collar and all...

  6. The Plum novels rock! Untill about 16 then they start to lose their steam. But they are LOL funny!!! I'm gonna have to check out enchanted inc.

  7. I have an extreme crush on Bobby Flay, too! I had the new show on last night and all Bob could do is sigh and ask if Bobby was the reason I was watching. Uh, yeah.

    I continue to be very excited about your trip. I know you are going to be awestruck by Harry Potter and that makes me quite happy.

    On a crazy random sidenote, my people are from Harlen. My great grandfather was one of the union organizers for the coal mines down there. Ford and Detroit Edison were linked to hiring contract "sheriffs" to regulate the union instigators and one of them killed my great grandfather in front of my grandfather.

    I need a good book. I am planning on picking up "A Discovery of Witches" by Harkness as soon as I finish grading my latest batch of papers. Witches and vampires. Winning.

  8. Amber, you will love Enchanted Inc. I guarantee it. Let me know if you start them!

    Oh boy, Jen... You and Jeff need to talk about your Kentucky roots. He would love it! Perhaps during the game night we need to plan? Of course Bobby Flay is the reason we are watching. HE'S IN A SUIT! Ha! And another book series for you to check out is the "Barely Bewitched" series by Kimberly Frost. I believe she is actually from Michigan and the story itself is pretty cute. There are 3 books so far in that series. The 3rd one just came out but I haven't purchased it yet.