Crazy Random Happenstance

Billy: So good... Hey, this is weird. I ordered one frozen yogurt and they gave me two. You don't happen to like frozen yogurt, do you?
Penny: I love it!
Billy: You're kidding? What a crazy random happenstance!
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Thursday, October 13, 2011

31 Wishes.

Last year for my 30th Birthday, I made a Birthday Wish List <-------- click on that if you would like to see what I wished for a year ago.

I've decided to go ahead (as long as I have this here blog) and make this an annual thing. Yes, I am aware that my Birthday isn't for a few more weeks (November 8th) but this is a wishlist and I have to give you all time to make them come true, so without further ado, I bring you my 31 wishes for my 31st Birthday.

1.) A Dyson vacuum cleaner. Or, just any really great vacuum cleaner that would be able to withstand sucking up Logan and Bristow's hair without breaking down a week after I buy it.

2.) For Bristow to stop trying to run away. Really, we are good dog owners. We pet him, feed him, play with him and put up with his anxiety-ridden quirks, yet once a week, for the last couple weeks, we find him in my neighbor's yard.

3.) For Derek to stop being such a hole on Greys Anatomy. You are no longer McDreamy, you are McPoopyPants.

4.) An Ipad.

5.) For a website to hire me to blog for them full time.

6.) For Stephenie Meyer to finish Midnight Sun.

7.) A really fantastic (red) stand mixer.

8.) To have Ben Folds come to my house for dinner and bring his piano, so he can play some songs for me.

9.) To some day own a book store.

10.) Hoodies in every single color.

11.) To visit New York City and see some plays.

12.) To go to a Tragically Hip concert.

13.) To visit my (insanely missed) LYBF in North Carolina.

14.) For someone to come over my house and organize C's room and toys for me.

15.) New carpet and floors in my house.

16.) For the pimple farm on my chin to go away. (Note to my skin: I am going to be 31 not 13).

17.) To have a Mashed Potato Party. HOW MUCH FUN WOULD THAT BE?!

18.) For that one person who uses the copier/scanner to STOP (S T O P) pounding on the button when they use it. It is so very unnecessary. Just. Stop. It.

19.) To hang out with Zachary Levi for a day.

20.) To go to San Diego Comic Con.

21.) To go to another Killers/Brandon Flowers concert.

22.) To sit in on a conversation between J.J. Abrams, Joss Whedon, Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse.

23.) A Keurig coffee maker.

24.) To open a bakery with my sisters.

25.) For Hollywood to stop remaking really great 80's movies. IE: Dirty Dancing, Drop Dead Fred.

26.) More time in the day.

27.) An endless supply of energy to get things done around the house.

28.) For the end of the Sookie Stackhouse series to not suck..

29.) For (insert any Buffy/Angel alum here, preferably Alexis Denisof or James Marsters) to guest star on Bones.

30.) For the series finale of Chuck to be completely awesome.

31.) For my whole family (especially my mom) to have a really great, really happy, really healthy year.

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  1. If we could ever hit the lotto, your wishes will come true !! Well the obvious ones anyway. Love You, Mom