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Billy: So good... Hey, this is weird. I ordered one frozen yogurt and they gave me two. You don't happen to like frozen yogurt, do you?
Penny: I love it!
Billy: You're kidding? What a crazy random happenstance!
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Friday, May 18, 2012

A Season Of Finales

It's season finale time! I love this time of year. When all of our favorite shows present us with really kickass episodes to wind the season down. Now, a good season finale isn't all that hard to do. It should consist of a great storyline that ties up most, if not all of the loose ends that happened throughout the season but at the same time creating a whole new set up, with fresh storylines for the following season. If it's done right, it can be wonderful and by the end of the episode you should be left wanting more and frustrated that you have to wait however many months until the next one. I LOVE when it's done right. It makes me so happy and it makes me feel like I haven't wasted countless hours investing in a silly television show.

So far, this season finale.. uhh season has had a couple really great episodes and a couple of duds that have left me disappointed and angry. The ones that have left me angry inspired me to ask "what makes a really great season finale?" and to think about the episodes in the past that have left my mind blown or my jaw on the floor from shock. It happens rarely and that is what makes them stand out even more. When I sat down and actually thought about what my Top 5 Best Season Finales of all time are, there were only a handful to choose from.

I'm going to list for you my most favorite season finales of all time. With #1 being the best of the best. The usual SPOILER ALERT applies here.

5.) Dawson's Creek Season 3- True Love
After a season of trying to deny her feelings for Pacey in order to spare Dawson's feelings, Joey chooses who she wants to be with. Pacey is planning on leaving for the summer and wants Joey to go with him. Dawson wants her to stay with him. She chooses Pacey and fangirls abound rejoiced. The pair literally sail off into the sunset together:

 The episode was real emotional and had you wondering up until the very end if she was going to pick Dawson or Pacey. It left me feeling happy, so happy ( I know it's dorky but I embrace my dorkiness). The episode also gave us the infamous Dawson Cry-Face and there was another scene where Pacey had written on Joey's wall (he had bought her a wall earlier in the season, to paint and she could never think of anything to cover it with), telling her to ask him to stay. It was cute and romantic and my geeky, girly heart loved it.

4.) The Office Season 2- Casino Night
Ohhh, I loved this episode. Dunder Mifflin holds a Casino Night in the warehouse to benefit charity. All the employees dress up and attend. There was a whole thing with Michael having two dates there (Jan and Carol) but what I loved the most was the flirting between Jim and Pam. She was engaged to that tool, Roy and Jim was toying with the idea of transferring to the Stamford office. There is a moment where he tells her he wants to talk to her and you think he's going to tell her about the transfer, but instead, INSTEAD! he does this:

When that happened, I literally gasped. It was so unexpected and so fantastic that I actually got choked up. The audience had known for so long that Jim loved Pam that to actually hear him say it out loud to her was so refreshing. It was like everyone was letting out a collective sigh. It is one of my most favorite TV moments ever.

3.) Grey's Anatomy Season 6- Sanctuary/Death and All His Friends
This episode. This episode was just wow. This episode was 2 of the most stressful, intense, crazy hours of television I have ever watched. Gary Clark (the disgruntled husband of a patient who had died earlier in the season) shows up at Seattle Grace with the intention of shooting Derek (whom he feels is responsible for his wife's death). Everyone he encounters gives him the brush off, so he gets angrier and angrier with each scene. He shoots Alex, he shoots Reid, he shoots Percy (the latter 2 end up dying). The hospital ultimately goes on complete lockdown. Over the course of the episode, everyone is hiding or taking cover and basically scared out of their minds. We also find out that Meredith is pregnant. Her and Cristina are hiding out in a utility closet when they see Gary approach Derek. Meredith tries to run after him but Cristina holds her back. Gary shoots Derek. Boom. The end:

 Dawn and I watched this episode together. It had us holding our heads. Our hands were sweaty. We kept holding our breath. We kept gasping. By the time it was over, I was completely exhausted. It was fantastic. Absolutely fantastic. One of the few times I can actually say that Shonda Rhimes did a brilliant job (unlike last night's finale which I will not go into because I am too upset over it).

2.) Alias Season 2- The Telling 
I've talked about this episode on here before, so I'll keep it short. It was the first time I had watched a show and stared at the TV in shock when it ended. Completely shocked. It was so awesome. Sydney finds out that her mom has double crossed her. She finds out who the doppelganger is. She has the most epic of all epic fights with Fake Francie in her apartment. She wakes up in Hong Kong and finds out that she's been missing for two years. Oh and she finds out Vaughn is married now. That all rolled into one giant "WHAAAAT?!" moment. There was so much to process and so much speculation leading into the next season that it had us talking about it all summer long. It was so great.

 (I will give a special shout out to the Season 4 finale and the insane car crash that followed "My name isn't Michael Vaughn". That one had Carrie and I shouting at our tv's in unison. So awesome)

1.) Lost Season 3- Through The Looking Glass (Part 1&2)
How does one pick a favorite Lost season finale? When I was discussing it with Jeff, we literally could have picked any of them (he picked Season 5... poor Juliet). I went with the season 3 finale because of how drab and frustrating the entire first half of the season was. Now, I was pregnant and tired and very, very cranky during this time so that may have played into it but I think if you ask any Lost fan what the weakest season was, they will say 3. Even Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse recognized that they needed to do something to make the fans fall back in love with the show. See, most of the season was SO slow and we spent a good majority of our time watching Sawyer and Kate (ugh) in cages. We were all just waiting and waiting for something to happen and then this episode aired. it starts out with the island survivors planning to kill a bunch of The Others and Charlie diving into the water to get into the looking glass (a Dharma research station) to try to disable the system jamming outgoing transmissions. They wanted to try to contact Naomi's (the woman who showed up on the island an episode before, who Desmond was convinced was sent by Penny (his lady love) to rescue them) people and hopefully get off the island . Once Charlie un-jams the frequency, Penny shows up on the screen and tells them that she doesn't know Naomi and the boat that's out there is not hers. As Charlie is in the station, one of The Others (Mikhail) blows open the window, filling the station up with water. Just before Charlie drowns, he writes "NOT PENNY'S BOAT" on his hand and shows Desmond through the glass.WHOSE BOAT IS IT THEN!?

After all that happens, Jack is able to get service with a walkie talkie and calls Naomi's boat. The fella on the other end (Minkowski), informs them all that they are about to be rescued. Hooray!/What?! Throughout the episode, in typical Lost fashion, there are what appear to be flashbacks of Jack with an awful beard, working at a hospital, super depressed, taking pain killers. Then you see this:

 It is done so perfectly that unless you were paying attention to specific details (the cell phones), you would have no idea that these were actually flashforwards. FLASHFORWARDS!  Which left me (and the entire Lost world) saying "HOLY CRAP, THEY ACTUALLY DO GET OFF THE ISLAND!!?!?!?!" It was asbolutely, positively brilliant. BRILLIANT. It completely reinvigorated the series and made the fans ecstatic and so unbelievably excited for the next season. THIS is how you do a season finale. Lost has set the bar so insanely high that much like the show itself, I doubt any other season finale could come close to it. And that, my friends, is one of the many reasons why Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse are geniuses.

So, what did I miss? I thought about putting the Buffy season 5 finale (where she sacrifices herself for Dawn) but I feel like it doesn't count in my case. I watched the show too late and was able to watch the next episode right away, so it didn't have the same impact as it should have. I could also put this season's Vampire Diaries in there because it was phenomenal. Also, the Friends episode where Ross says Rachel's name during his wedding to Emily. Oh, and the 90210 season 4 finale where Brandon goes to Washington DC and Kelly surprises him.

Those are my favorites. What are yours?


  1. I was sort of surprised you chose the Grey's season 6 over Season 2.. which was my personal favorite of their finales. But I will say that when I was reading this and you mentioned we were watching it together, I thought, "hey, we watched that one together!". Anyways great post like usual. Also, yes for that Buffy episode where she sacrifices herself for Dawn... but at the time wasn't that considered a possible series finale? Not that it matters because it went on for a couple more seasons after that.

    Ok, I'm done rambling.

  2. You just reminded me that I was supposed to give a special shoutout to the season 2, Denny Duquette finale. Oops! You're right though, for as sad as that one is, I really do love it. it was great. Oh! and if that season 5 ender of Buffy could have been a series finale that would have made it even more crazy if I had watched it in real time!

    1. Yeah because that's when it left UPN or whatever network it was originally on to go to the WB.. or whatever. And I *think* at the time it wasn't certain if it was going to happen so people were really left on the edge of their seats of whether or not she was dead.

      Could you imagine it if Buffy never came back after that?!

    2. That would have been so very sad. I don't even want to think about it.

  3. Bones? We are behind on that silly show. Our finales NCIS & NCIS LA were fantastik. It is going to drive us crazy to wait until the new season to see how they will continue.

    Your shows we do not watch except Once Upon A Time and that was a fantastic also !! I look forward now to baseball and the summer break from sitting in front of the tv every night. Rainy nights will be dvd's !!

    Always love your blogging ♥ Mom

    1. Mom, we'll discuss Bones after you watch it. I wasn't happy with it but Jeff enjoyed it.

      Once Upon a Time was wonderful!! I agree, i look forward to the break too. It gives me more time to read (even if Dad thinks I don't actually read the books that I say I do, haha).

  4. Excellent topic! I never watched Dawson's Creek, but these other ones are great choices and some of my favorite ones, too. I keep going back and forth with seasons 3 & 5 for LOST. "Not Penny’s Boat" will always remain one of the show's most memorable moments and then the big twist, but emotionally and physically, the whole Juliet stuff drained me and then there was Ben and Jacob and Evil Locke. Ahhh. I can't decide.

    I'd also include TVD 1st Season when Damon/Elena kiss with Bloodstream playing in the background and then she goes and chops off Sark's hand. Brilliant.

    Other Contenders:
    - West Wing: 1st Season-ender had a terrific cliffhanger, but the S2 finale with Bartlett lighting that cigarette in the church, swearing to God in Latin. Ugh. That was great TV.

    - Dexter S4: Oh.My.God.

    - X-Files S2 & S4: Rule #1: Don't touch Mulder...or even make it look like it.

    - Fringe S1: The Twin Towers. Mind. Blown.

    - Grey’s S2: "What does this mean, Meredith?" (Back in the day, before Shonda's burnout, one could argue that all but the last two enders were fantastic)

    Supernatural, ER, and Homicide had some really good ones over the years, too. Of course, the famous Dallas finale was a pivotal turning point in my childhood, too. My grandma and I had matching "Who Shot JR?" t-shirts. Ha!

    Can you tell I love this blog?! My mind is racing. I can't wait for Bob to come home! :)

    1. Yeah, season 5 was really, really great. I remember being so completely devastated by Juliet that I refused to rewatch that episode. Good God, it brings tears to my eyes even now. Such a well done episode. "I GOT YOU! I GOT YOU"

      Yes! Season 1 of VD. Honestly, that show is so well done that really, every episode feels like a season finale. And I'm not exaggerating when I say that. Every episode is THAT good.

      I thought about including the Fringe season 1 ender. It was really cool! I felt like I shouldn't though because I didn't end up sticking with it and I felt bad. Haha

      Yes, Grey's season 2 is definitely, definitely up there. The good days. When Shonda wasn't such an idiot and didn't make musical episodes, wasn't obsessed with babies, didn't do things just so people would discuss them the next day. Genuinely GOOD episodes! Gah.

      I'm so glad you like it!! I thought long and hard about the ones that I would pick. I left out The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones because I felt they were too new. They were great but I don't know if I could classify them as amazingly awesome yet. Let me know if you come up with anymore!!

  5. Both Walking Dead finales have been fantastic, good call. With GoT, it was that second to last episode in S1 that got me, though dragon fire is cool, too. :)

    Does every time True Blood make us think Tara's leaving/dying count even if the rest of it is below par? The finale two years ago was probably the weakest episode of the whole season, and last year's was good, but I hated that horrible, horrible season.

    It seems like I'm overlooking some major nite-time soap moments from the Dynasty through Melrose years, but for the life of me I can't think of anything.

    I know there are also some sitcom ones we're missing, too. You pulled out probably my two favorites, though. Another major one would be when those vindictive writers killed off Henry on M.A.S.H., but may not count because I was two and you weren't born (even if I've seen it two dozen times).

    I let you know if Bob and I come up with any others.

  6. That scene with the baby dragons in GOT is so fantastically awesome to me. I love Daenerys so much. I was so excited that she had such a kickass moment.

    True Blood finales usually leave me pretty disappointed. Even with Tara getting her head blown off. Something is always off and not quite right with them. I remember absolutely hating that finale 2 years ago. Ugh!

    The only Melrose Place finale that comes to mind is the season 2 one, when Alison was supposed to marry Billy (I loved Alison) and then remembered that her dad molested her when she was a kid, so she ended up running away from her wedding. Oh! No! The one where Kimberly blows up the apartment complex. Hahaha Melrose place was crazy.