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Penny: I love it!
Billy: You're kidding? What a crazy random happenstance!
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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Most Disliked Characters 2.0

About a year ago, I made a list of my Top 5 Most Disliked Characters Of All Time.  Well, with a fresh batch of shows that have come out since then and a reminder from an old favorite, I have been inspired to make this list again. A part 2, if you will.

Also, this time I will follow up my most disliked list with a list of my most favorite scene-stealers from the past season. I'm not going to rank the following characters as they all get under my skin and make me heave an equal amount of frustrated/irritated sighs, while yelling "Gah! I hate you!" at my television. Oh, as always a spoiler alert applies here, so read at your own risk, friends!

So without further ado...

- April Kepner ( played by Sarah Drew) from Grey's Anatomy. April was brought onto the show in season 6, as one of the rival surgical residents from Mercy West, who was joining the Seattle Grace staff. I instantly disliked her. They purposely made her into a competitive, overbearing outsider to show the tension between the original residents and the new. So, I guess, job well done on Shonda Rhimes part? She is unbelievably whiny and always, always, always yelling at someone in a shrill voice. It makes my ears hurt and I cannot count the amount of times her character makes me roll my eyes during an episode. She's constantly on the verge of tears and always throwing a temper tantrum. Quite frankly, she stresses me out and that's that.

- Joffrey Baratheon/Theon Greyjoy (played by Jack Gleeson and Alfie Allen) from Game Of Thrones.  yeah, this ones a double dose of UGHness. Joffrey is a 12 year old King. Joffrey is a hole. There is no other way to describe him. He's a spoiled brat who gets whatever he wants and doesn't care who suffers because of it. He's mean and I hate looking at him. That sounds awful because it's just a dude, playing a character and I'm sure Jack Gleeson is a very nice boy in real life but his character does so many vile things that the site of him simply sickens me. George R.R. Martin and the writers of the show do a really wonderful job of getting you to hate this kid, trust me. Theon Greyjoy just grosses me out. No, he skeeves me out. He's skeevey. He was taken on as ward to Eddard Stark (Sean Bean) and was bff's with Robb Stark (Richard madden) and initially started out helping him fight a war against Joffrey (see, because Joffrey is a hole!). He ended up turning on him and taking the Stark's castle under siege. All the while, Robb thought Theon was helping him. Oh, and he is awful to women. He's gross. Just icky. 

- Daisy Wick (played by Carla Gallo) from Bones. Daisy is one of the revolving interns at the Jeffersonian who help Dr. Brennan and company solve murders. I love all of the other interns. I love that they have a new one represented each week. I don't love Daisy. She is a know it all and she knows she's that way but she doesn't care. I guess it's supposed to be an endearing quality about the character but I can't stand it. I love when Brennan shows her up and puts her in her place. The other thing that annoys me about her is she is dating Dr. Lance Sweets (John Francis Daly), whom I adore. She's super lovey dovey with him and calls him Lance-a-lot in every episode she's in and it drives me nuts. Her presence is like nails on a chalkboard to me.

- The cast of The Secret Circle. I won't name them all because that would take up too much space. Just know that never before has there been such ill fitting cast members on a show.  The books that this show is based on are really, really good. The story is really, really good. The characters are really, really good. They mutilated all of that when they brought it to tv. They changed all of the characters personalities and eliminated half of them. One who is supposed to be the epitome of understanding and kindness in the book is a total B in the show. One is super whiny. One only whispers when he talks. One is constantly pouting. It's just a complete mess. Such a mess that we stopped watching it.

- Lori Grimes/Carl Grimes/Shane Walsh (played by Sarah Wayne Callies/Chandler Riggs/Joe Bernthal) from The Walking Dead. That's a lot of people from one show to be annoyed with, isn't it?? I like the zombies better than the 3 of them. Lori is an adulterer who plays her husband, Rick (Andrew lincoln) against her lover (gross), Shane. Then she turns around and gets mad at each of them when they end up doing what she asked of them or insinuated in the first place. She never watches her kid (Carl) but is constantly going on and on about how they have to keep Carl safe. MAYBE KEEP AN EYE ON HIM THEN!??! Carl is a 12 year old boy (hey, just like Joffrey!) who, for some reason, finds it necessary to continuously look for trouble when there is a zombie apocalypse going on.  Oh, hey, there's a Walker stuck in the mud? I'mma throw rocks at him and get real close since there is just no way he could ever break free and try to bite me (sarcasm)! Shane is a hothead and a big, giant, man-baby. Always whining about how he can take better care of Lori and Carl than Rick can and how he's a better man than Rick. You are a grown man! Stop whining all the time! He is always threatening to leave and then never following through on it. He hurts people so that he can stay alive. He's just a jerk. A big, giant, man-baby jerk.

Now, my most favorite scene stealers of the season!

- Schmidt (played by Max Greenfield) from New Girl.  I love Schmidt so much that just the thought of him makes me smile. When the show first started, I figured he would annoy me. He plays a douchebag and I figured it would be way too over the top and annoying. The thing is though, they gave him a hilarious personality on top of it. Sure he does douchebaggy things but he's also OCD and has a genuine appreciation for his friends. He's funny. He's so very funny and I just love him. You will always find a Schmidt line from any given episode to quote the next day. He is so much fun.

- Klaus (played by Joseph Morgan) from The Vampire Diaries. Klaus is a bad guy. He's one of the Original Vampires and he's a total badass. BUT he also has a sweet side that makes you kind of fall in love with him. He can be ripping someone's heart out or throwing a temper tantrum because he can't get into Elena's house in a scene and then be wooing Caroline or getting yelled at by his mother in the next and you go from hating him to feeling totally sorry for him. Joseph Morgan is a phenomenal actor. He does such a fantastic job of portraying Klaus's very wide range of emotions. I love watching him. He is a bad guy that I never, ever want to go away.

Dr. Jack Hodgins (played by T.J. Thyne) from Bones. To say that this season of Bones has been a bit on the lackluster side would be an understatement. The one character getting me through that every episode (aside from staring at David Boreanaz) is Hodgins. He's the comic relief and always has me laughing. I told Jeff that he is the best part about the show these days.

- Mr. Gold/Rumpelstiltskin (played by Robert Carlyle) from Once Upon a Time. I love this character so much. Even the way Robert Carlyle portrays his movements from Mr. Gold to Rumpelstiltskin is mesmerizing. He is awesome. Every time he is on screen, I am riveted. he knows everyone's business and everyone's secrets and has plenty of issues himself. He is an absolute joy to watch and I look forward to it every week.

- James Van Der Beek (played by... James Van Der Beek) from Don't Trust The B--- in Apartment 23. This one may not count completely because I haven't been watching the show consistently, but what I have watched has impressed me. JVDB is brilliant playing a fictionalized version of himself. Any actor who can embrace their past accomplishments, ones that fans love them for and display it proudly earns lots of respect from me. He is always giving Dawson's Creek  and Varsity Blues shoutouts and making fun of the ridiculous of being a celebrity and I absolutely love that. It is so so clever and I give much kudos to him for doing it. Well done, Dawson... er, JVDB!

There you have it. I'm sure I've missed some, so feel free to tell me yours or if you disagree with my choices (though, hello? why would you do that?! Haha), you can tell me why.

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